Wes Galliher, PhD

✔️ PhD-level Analysis & Insights

✔️ GM-like Breadth of Experience

✔️ Outcomes-driven Mindset

✔️ Context-based Empathy


Where I Can Add Value

Lean Product

Maximize resource effectiveness and avoid wasted effort. Focus on building the highest impact features first, then iterate.

Data Insights

Converting data into information is helpful. Synthesizing information into insights? That's actionable & transformational!

Driving Outcomes

Simply shipping features isn't enough. They must actually generate outcomes for both customers and your business.

Complex Systems

B2B products get used in complicated ecosystems. Every intervention or feature has secondary effects that must be considered.

Product Strategy:
Building the Right Thing

Nobody wants to waste both time and money building a product or feature that never gets used, yet so many teams do just that. I help my teams use customer-driven insights to identify where we should be focusing our resources & time to get the most value.

Favorite Quote:
"A perfectly grilled steak is worthless to a vegetarian." - John Cutler

Product Execution:
Building the Thing Right

Delivering incremental value to customers in predictable, repeatable ways significantly increases the likelihood of successful products. In software, this is best accomplished with balanced teams of the "product trio" (PM, design, & engineering) shipping small, vertical slices of the product with high frequency, measuring success, & then iterating rapidly from there.

Favorite Quote:
"When a product trio works together to develop a shared understanding of their customer, they are in a much better position to create products that customers love." - Teresa Torres

"Right from the moment I met Wes, I knew he was someone I wanted to work with. He's thoughtful, perceptive & considerate; qualities which are clearly helping him to be a valued product leader."

-Liz, Chief Customer Officer

"Wes is very structured & organized. He knows the lay of the land, where the puzzle pieces are, and where potential risks are. He is very reliable, always has things under control."

-Emily, Managing Director

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